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Angry Black White BoyAngry Black White Boy or
The Miscegenation of Macon Detornay

Crown/Three Rivers Press
$12.95 paperback
ISBN: 1-4000-5487-7

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From the critically acclaimed author of Shackling Water comes an incendiary and ruthlessly funny novel about violence, pop culture and identity in twenty-first century America.

Macon Detornay is a suburban white boy possessed and politicized by black culture, and filled with rage toward white America. After moving to New York City for college, Macon begins robbing white passengers in the taxi cab he drives part-time, setting off a manhunt for the black man presumed to be committing the crimes. When his true identity is revealed, Macon find himself a celebrity. Coached by his roommate Andre Walker and his new friend, budding hustler Dominique Lavar, he makes use of the spotlight to hold forth on the evils and invisibility of whiteness and found The Race Traitor Project, a stress-addled collective that attracts guilty liberals, wannabe gangstas and bandwagon-riders from all over the country to participate in a Day of Apology -- a day set aside for white people to apologize to blacks for four hundred years of oppression. The Day of Apology pushes New York City over the edge, into an epic riot, and forces Macon to confront the depth of his own commitment to the struggle. He finds it lacking and flees in shame to the deep South, trying to escape himself, but soon discovers he’s even more strangely and dangerously entangled than he imagined.

Interspersed with the spiraling madness of Macon’s rise and fall is the story of an 1889 baseball game -- the last integrated Major League contest for 58 years -- which pitted Macon’s great-grandfather, Cap Anson, the Hall of Fame first-baseman responsible for establishing the color line, against Andre’s great-grandfather, Moses “Fleet” Walker, the last black player left.

Peopled with all manner of race pimps and players, from callow Columbia Hip Hop Professor Umamu Shaheed Alam to millionaire racial deprogrammer Conway Donner to Macon’s backpack-rap fans and redneck enemies (not to mention his redneck fans and backpack-rap enemies), Angry Black White Boy is the first major race novel of the twenty-first century -- a stunning breakout book from a critically acclaimed young writer, and required reading for anyone who wants to understand -- and laugh about -- the complexities of identity in America.


Adam Mansbach  books  events  bio  music  interviews  other writing